Hillary Clinton pledges support for the resistance and explains why she’s not president

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Hillary Clinton has been out of the spotlight for a long time, but on Tuesday, she sat down with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in New York City for an interview. In the appearance, Clinton seemed to offer a less polished and politically-minded personality and admitted that she takes “full responsibility” for the 2016 loss.

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Clinton said, “I was the candidate, my name was on the ballot.” She also said that she’s “very proud of the campaign we ran.” However, the former secretary of state unexpectedly switched gears and declared that she was “on the way to winning until a combination of Jim Comey’s letter […] and Russian WikiLeaks.” She continued, “If the election had been on October 27th, I would have been your president,” and pointed out that the leaks of Podesta’s emails hit WikiLeaks only hours after the AccessHollywood tape of Trump’s comments about his aggressive behavior with women was made public.

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Later in her talk, Clinton said that she “spent decades learning what it will take to move our country forward.” However, in the wake of her 2016 defeat, Clinton declared, “I’m now back to being an activist citizen and part of the resistance.”

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