We’ve had the Tide Pod Challenge, the salt and ice challenge and the cinnamon challenge. It seems like every few weeks there’s a challenge teens are trying out just to become a viral sensation and get their 15 minutes of fame.

The latest challenge, which unlike other viral challenges isn’t dangerous, it is posing a problem for workers at craft store chain, Hobby Lobby.

Teens are heading to the craft store floral aisle to show off their photography skills.

The walls of faux flowers are serving as a backdrop for the glamorous shots.

ABC News said that Kelsey Maggart, a professional photographer, is the one who started the latest challenge in January.

Now feeds are filling with photos from amateur photographers showing off their skills. They’ve also branched out from Hobby Lobby to Walmart and Michaels, ABCNews reported. While the challenge has morphed from #hobbylobbychallenge to #uglylocationchallenge.

But the trend is proving to be a challenge for store workers and other shoppers who are having to deal with the photographers crowding the aisles and not putting the floral props back when they’re done, Business Insider reported.