A Honduras prison inmate thought he had come up with a clever way to escape life behind bars by dressing up as a woman and attempting to walk out the front door with a group of visitors.

Convicted murderer Francisco Herrera Argueta went all out to disguise his appearance by dressing up in a skirt, woman’s blouse, heels, jewelry, a wig and sunglasses. He even reportedly painted his nails hot pink. He then tried to causally stroll out of the maximum security prison, hoping to blend in with some visitors who were leaving.

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Unfortunately for Argueta, but unsurprisingly, a security guard wasn’t fooled after noticing that the inmate was “walking funny” in his heels. When the guard stopped him, he “spoke with a hoarse, male voice.” According to the guards, he was attempting to impersonate a female visitor who had left her ID with prison security.

“The makeup couldn’t hide the fact that he was a man,” police spokesman Bayron Sauceda said.

Argueta, 55, is a former gang member who was imprisoned in 2015 for firearm and murder offenses. His recent stunt landed him additional punishment for trying to escape, and he could potentially be transferred to El Pozo jail, reportedly one of the most dangerous prisons in the country.

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Honduras inmate tries to fool prison security by dressing as a woman and strolling out the front door Honduras Police
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