Houston drivers acting extra will now receive the credit they’re due AP Photo/David J. Phillip
Traffic moves along US 59 in Houston, Friday, Jan. 21, 2011. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

If you’re like one of the thousands of 16-year-olds around town and learned to drive in the melee that is Houston traffic, the chaos has become a part of your identity. And even if you do suffer now from a clinical case of road rage, you still respect the sheer magnitude of traffic and its awesome power bigger than you or me.

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This is why Rare Houston is proud to begin its ‘Draped-Up Drivers’ Awards, where, each week, H-town’s most dripped out drivers will get the recognition they so clearly desire, driving as extra as they are in traffic.

First up this week is a submission from the Reddit Houston thread by user pascal_wager, who kicks off the DUD Awards with an undeniable showing of the benefits of dash cams:

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Congratulations, white sedan Toyota driver blindly pulling out near Renwick and Green Ash on Friday, you’re Rare Houston’s first DUD!

Check back here every Sunday while you’re procrastinating getting ready for work Monday to make sure you and your friends are not DUDs. Unless you want them to be, in which case you should be sure to share evidence of the extra behavior endangering all our lives on Facebook.

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