Houstonians to Cruz: We Need to Talk

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

With what has the potential to become a classic “SNL” skit that, like so many others lately, wrote itself, Houstonians are taking to the streets Tuesday to march on U.S. Senator Ted Cruz’s Houston office in hopes of scheduling a Town Hall event.

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According to the event page on Carpe Diem Houston, the #ResistanceRecess and MoveOn.org-sponsored group’s requests for some face time with their Senator have repeatedly been denied or ignored by Cruz’s office, but they firmly believe that it is not too much to ask from the person “we hired to represent us.”

“We have called, we have written, we have faxed, we have emailed, we have reached out via social media, we have met with staffers in person, all with this simple request,” a description of the event sponsored by MoveOn.org reads. “Why won’t our U.S. Senator meet face-to-face with us and hear our voices?”

So you don’t show up empty-handed next week from 12:00-3:00 p.m., your TC Fun Facts for the day are: 1) his real name is Rafael; 2) he was born in Canada, but renounced his citizenship in a haste once the media made the discovery; and 3) in his spare time, he enjoys reenacting scenes from The Princess Bride .

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As you wish, Teddy. As you wish.

What do you think?

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