“Howard” the Kim Jong-un impersonator caused an upset when he took a chance at the Olympics


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

By now, many have seen the Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump impersonators at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Well, the antics didn’t stop at the opening ceremony.

An Australian man who merely identified himself as “Howard,” who has also decided to enjoy the Olympics by dressing up as the North Korean dictator, made an appearance at the Korea-Japan hockey game on Wednesday.

But his presence caused a bit of a stir when he walked over to the Korean cheerleaders.


It seemed as though they were less than impressed with his ways.

While several found it amusing, at least one observer expressed concern.


It was reported that officials with the North Korean government removed “Howard” from the area.

The South Korean police also became involved as the legality and appropriateness of his actions were evaluated.

“Howard” conducted a few interviews throughout the ordeal.

He told Yahoo’s Eric Adelson that his goals were to, “Enjoy the game, meet the cheerleaders, which [he] did, and create some good political satire.”

Though he is from Australia, he currently resides in Hong Kong. He is neither Korean nor does he speak a word of the language.

“This is seen as the peace Olympics, so let’s hope that peace endures and those two idiots stop launching missiles and insults at each other on Twitter,” he later said.

As for how he got into political impressions, he explained, “I guess everybody has a cause, you know? I have an advantage to advance this cause. I was born with this face.”

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