Floridians are preparing for Hurricane Irma by gathering water, supplies, and, most importantly, humor.

Floridians are fully acknowledging their inclination to ignore any hurricane under a Category 3.

Even though the storm is sure to bring devastation when it makes landfall, some are determined to ride it out.

Those who have decided to stay face an all too familiar battle before the big storm hits.

Others are finding ways to appease the storm.

Another thing going as viral as the humor is internet hoaxesHoaxes can include invented hurricane categories…

(Hint: Category 6 hurricanes do not actually exist.)

…false weather forecasts…

…and even light-hearted “Sharknado” references.

Zuri Davis About the author:
Zuri Davis is a media writer for Rare. Follow her on Twitter @RiEleDavis.
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