United Airlines is having a really bad week. Videos portraying airline police forcibly removing a passenger from a flight circulated the internet and inspired widespread criticism, but apparently that wasn’t the only thing to go wrong.

According to Canada’s Global News, Richard and Linda Bell were traveling to Calgary from Mexico on Sunday when a scorpion fell from the overhead bin and landed in Richard Bell’s hair. Noticing that it looked “like a little lobster,” the Bells were initially confused about what was going on. Then, a passenger next to them pointed out that the creature was a scorpion.

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Richard Bell shook it out of his hair and onto his tray table and picked it up. Then, it stung him.

“[It] felt like a wasp sting,” he said.

It was determined that the scorpion had stowed-away in someone’s luggage. Another passenger on the flight eventually stepped on it and flushed it down the toilet, which Richard Bell called the “worst thing to do” because when they landed, “everyone wanted to see it.”

When the planed arrived in Calgary, emergency personnel came on-board to assess the situation. They determined that Richard Bell showed “no signs of distress,” and he declined medical treatment. On Thursday, United confirmed the incident to CNBC.

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In what continues to be a terrible week for United Airlines, a passenger now claims a scorpion stung him mid-flight PETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images
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