Forget 11 herbs and spices — thieves made off with 300 gallons of used cooking oil Tuesday from a KFC restaurant.

“It is often sold on the black market because it is used for biofuels,” Steve Klein, assistant chief of operations for the Fond du Lac police told the Fond du Lac Reporter. “My understanding is it is used as an alternative fuel for vehicles, or thieves will deliver them to refiners on the black market as well.”

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The thieves stole the entire container, which was filled with the used oil.

“The company contracted to pick up their oil told the workers they have seen an influx in these situations at other KFCs, too,” Klein said. “Normally, a truck with a pump and hose would be needed to facilitate that kind of theft, but since they took the whole container, they would need to be a really big truck.”

Surveillance cameras at the KFC did not capture video of the suspects. Police have no leads at this time.

Instead of the Colonel’s recipe, these KFC thieves ran off with 300 gallons of used oil AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews