On Tuesday afternoon, Kellyanne Conway appeared on CNN for a sprawling interview with Jake Tapper that touched upon the tumultuous relationship between President Donald Trump and the press.

Of the many topics Tapper and Conway discussed, one was the notion that CNN, the very network they were both appearing on, was “fake news.” President Trump has used this phrase liberally over the last few months, usually to describe outlets that paint his presidency in a negative light.

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During Tuesday’s show, Tapper asked Conway with conviction if his employer was a peddler of “fake news.”

“I don’t think CNN is fake news. I think there are some reports everywhere […] that are not well researched and that are sometimes based on falsehoods,” Conway told Tapper

The two also discussed a recent administration assertion that the media under reports terrorist attacks like the ones at Le Bataclan Theatre in Paris, France, and at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla.

“Facts are stubborn things,” Tapper told Conway after a brief back and forth.

“And to say we’re not reporting something that happens not to be true, therefore we’re not to be trusted — that’s a problem.”

As the interview progressed, it grew more cordial, with Conway expressing a desire for the media to report on the many good things she believes the administration is trying to accomplish. After she told Tapper about an upcoming measure to help combat widespread opiate addiction in the United States, Tapper told her that he hopes he can cover it.

“The attacks on the press, the attacks on judges […] the falsehoods […] all that makes it very difficult,” Tapper told Conway as the interview ended.

Jake Tapper asked Kellyanne Conway on live TV if CNN was fake news, and it sparked quite the discussion CNN/TWITTER/SCREENSHOT
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