Kellyanne Conway says leaks are a real danger: “It affects every one of us”

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Appearing on The O’Reilly Factor, special counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway said leaks did more harm than just causing frustration for the President.

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“The day after his widely-heralded, very successful Joint Session to Congress, the New York Times ran a story the next day about how members of the Obama Administration rushed to preserve and sprinkle [intelligence] around the government […] That is not a partisan issue. That’s about national security and it affects all of us. So the president has that very much on his mind,” she said.

Her comments come as the Trump administration looks to plug leaks coming from inside the administration and defends itself from yet another story involving foreign interests.

This week, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s business formally registered as a foreign lobbyist, confirming reports that Flynn had worked as a paid lobbyist for Turkey while he had access to top-level national security briefings, for which he made over $500,000. Though Flynn’s lawyers contacted the Trump transition team twice after Election Day to inquire about the legality of their arrangement, the White House says they were unaware that Flynn was essentially a paid foreign agent until this week.

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