Nursing Home Ghost YouTube: Jay breezy
YouTube: Jay breezy

Working security for a nursing home likely has a lot of perks, as far as security jobs go. Chief among them is that you’re responsible for the security of a place that pretty much no one is ever going to threaten. A security guard at a stockyard filled with copper wire has got to be prepared to drop somebody. Even a mall cop has to be prepared to shuffle after fleeing shoplifters or empty his pepper spray can into a food court encompassing high school “gang” fight. The only thing a nursing home security guard has to worry about shooting is the people he’s playing against in Fortnite on his phone.

There is a massive downside to working at a nursing home, however. Security or otherwise, you’re working in a place where death surrounds you. The chances something creepy happens to you are just stupidly high. I’m no scientist but a building full of confused dying people feels like a recipe for a haunting.

One security guard at a Chicago nursing home pretty much confirmed as much in a video he posted to Facebook. Jay Brown was manning the front desk, with no one else around, when all of a sudden things got cold. Then he heard a pair of footsteps and saw a white mist float by him. He immediately went and checked the security footage and recorded it on his phone, narrating his experience. He then shared his ghostly encounter on Facebook. To date, the video has been viewed millions of times on Twitter and Facebook.

I’m a believer in ghosts. I’ve seen a ghost before. So I’m biased here. Still, that’s a f*cking ghost. This is maybe the best ghost video I’ve ever seen. The spirit of some confused old man or woman shuffling by, totally unaware they’re dead.

“Go toward the light, Ethel.”

“I didn’t leave the lights on.”

“No, Ethel, go toward the light.”

“You’ll run our bill up.”

“Letting dementia and bad hearing carry over after death feels like a real design flaw, God.”

UPDATE: The ghost came back and he got it on video again!

This article was originally published on March 12, 2019.

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