Man convicted of molesting his daughter takes his sickening excuse for his crimes to “Dr. Phil”

Father and convicted child molester goes on "The Dr. Phil Show" to insist his sexual encounters with his daughter were consensual. (YouTube/The Dr. Phil Show)

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During a shocking episode of “The Dr. Phil Show,” a victim of sexual assault came face-to-face with her attacker — her own father, who went on to claim that all of their sexual encounters were consensual.

Bob, whose last name remained redacted on Tuesday’s part one of a two-part episode, was convicted of molesting his daughter Kim and was put on the sex offender registry after serving four years in prison for his crimes. However, he has since maintained that his daughter was a willing participant in it all and is now playing “Miss Innocent” while he’s being painted as a monster.

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“Kim thinks that she didn’t have a part in what happened between us at all. That she didn’t participate willingly,” he said, alleging that he never forced her to do anything against her will. “She always had the choice.”

While admitting he was the adult in the situation and taking responsibility for his crimes, Bob simultaneously continued to place blame on his daughter.

“Her curiosity led to my excitement, so how is that 100 percent my fault?” he asked. “But I just don’t like the fact that Kim plays totally innocent of the whole thing when, in fact, half the stuff we did was her idea.”

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Kim, however, countered that she was too young to understand what was going on and that she was afraid her father would go to jail if she ever told anyone about the abuse.

“The abuse that I endured by my father was a secret, and I felt I had no choice but to keep quiet about it. He said we were born naked and everything we did was perfectly natural; that mom wasn’t understanding, and she wouldn’t approve,” she said. “But I still loved him. He is my dad, and I didn’t want anything bad to happen to him. I was trained so well, I never even thought of telling anyone. Children should never have to keep the kinds of secrets that I was forced to keep. My innocence was taken away from me.”

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