Man denied government assistance releases blood-sucking insects inside government office

A man angry that he’d been kicked out of his apartment and denied government housing assistance released over 100 bedbugs inside the Augusta, Maine City Center on Friday afternoon.

City Center houses the city’s municipal service offices. The man freed the blood-sucking insects in the General Assistance office, scattering them on the counter, the floor and a city employee.

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As to why the man had bedbugs in the first place, reports that the man first used them to prove an infestation to his landlord. Instead of offering to remedy the bedbug problem, a manager in his building simply told him he couldn’t live there anymore.

Then, when he sought assistance from the City Center, he was reportedly denied, as he did not qualify for housing assistance. That was the last straw for him.

“They’re your problem now!” he reportedly said, slamming the cup of insects on the counter. City Manager William Bridgeo documented the aftermath. City employees used Windex to kill the insects before rounding them up.

The building was closed for the remainder of the day as a precaution and exterminators were contracted to treat the building. A bedbug sniffing dog will be brought in today to give the final all-clear.

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