Man who occupied Seattle tree for 24 hours allegedly told police his name was Edward Cullen

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Before Cody Miller became known on the Internet as #ManInTree, he was arrested a few days before he climbed the 80-foot sequoia downtown, according to the Seattle Times.

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The newspaper reports that Miller, 28, was arrested in violation of a city ordinance; he was sitting on the sidewalk in front of the East Pine Street Starbucks.

When Miller gave police a name, they could not verify it. The Seattle Times reports, he “ultimately told the officer his name was ‘Edward Cullen,'” who is a lead character — and a vampire — from the “Twilight” books and movies series.

On a Facebook page that appeared to belong to Milller, he posted various photos from the movie adaptation of the series. In addition, he made a recent reference to “Rebella” — the character Bella is Edward’s love interest in the saga — and Forks, Washington — where the novel takes place.

Miller’s 24-hour occupation in the Seattle downtown tree gained international attention as he refused to come down despite police coaxing. Additionally, it created gridlock for several commutes.

He skipped his court appearance Thursday afternoon. Miller refused to leave his jail cell, where he’s been held since his psychological evaluation.

He is being held for malicious mischief.

His hearing has been re-scheduled for Friday. It is unknown how this will affect the hearing.

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