Update, 2:05 a.m: Even more lose power 

The Governor’s Office on the Florida Division of Emergency Management provided a chart on Monday that indicated that over 65% of power accounts in the state are currently inactive. 

Update, : 11:26 a.m: The storm grows deadly

Four Floridians have been killed by Tropical Storm Irma since early Sunday morning, according to the New York Times.

Original story

Millions of Floridians woke up on Monday morning without power as Hurricane Irma continued to lash the state. Several portions of the state, including parts of the Florida Keys, are in the midst of a “humanitarian crisis,” according to one county official. Here’s the latest:

Millions without power
Nearly 6 million people in Florida are without power, according to CNN.

The storm is slowing down
Hurricane Irma has been downgraded to a tropical storm, after days bouncing between classifications.

Not everyone is trying to help
Despite the danger and peril that many Floridians find themselves in, others are using Hurricane Irma as a means to commit crime. More than 30 people have been arrested for stealing from boarded up businesses and residential areas. 

The storm doesn’t care about your bank account
Hurricane Irma has knocked out power and destroyed homes across Florida, the U.S. Virgin Islands and everything in between. One of those homes belongs to billionaire Richard Branson. Branson took to social media to tell fans his home on Necker Island had almost been destroyed.

Country star Kenny Chesney also lost a home during the storm. Chesney called the storm “biblical in nature”.

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