21-year-old Survives 2 Days Pinned Under Pickup Truck21-year-old Survives 2 Days Pinned Under Pickup Truck Idaho Falls Ohio
Idaho Falls Fire

You know how some people are just plain lucky to be alive? They get into this freak accident that totally destroyed their car or drive off 3 seconds before the train arrives, and they are perfectly okay? Yeah, well that’s exactly what happened to this 21-year-old man from Idaho. The man survived two days pinned under a large overturned pickup truck before authorities found and rescued him!

The man, whose name has not been made public, was reported missing for two days. He was discovered by someone who was “actively searching for him”, 20 minutes southeast of Idaho Falls. The Idaho Falls Fire Department and Bonneville County Sheriff’s office wrote in a statement that the white three-quarter ton pickup truck had rolled over a ravine and landed on its side in a small narrow creek bed. The man was practically thrown from the vehicle, and pinned underneath where he remained over the weekend.

Missing Idaho Man Pinned Truck
Idaho Falls Fire

Law enforcement stated that despite being in that position for days, the man was conscious and talking to rescuers. He was unable to call for help because there was no cell phone coverage in the remote area and all radio communication was limited. The fire department and Sheriff’s deputies responded to the accident around 7:45 p.m., where they used large inflatable large airbags under the truck as well as heavy extraction equipment to free the Idaho man.

He was later treated by medics at the scene before being airlifted to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. The overturned truck was removed by the Hendrickson Towing company using a large boom truck. Lucky, the man is perfectly okay and in stable condition. Talk about luck, huh? He should totally buy a lottery ticket!

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