Mom of Florida school shooting victim begs for the “nightmare” following his tragic death to end

Peter Wang, a victim of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting held the door open for fleeing students and teachers. (Twitter/@WestPoint_USMA)

The grieving mother of a brave JROTC cadet who lost his life during last week’s mass shooting at a Florida high school is begging her late son to lead her out of the “nightmare” that is life without him.

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“I watched you walking to school on February 14,” Hui Wang said while tearing up at her son Peter Wang’s funeral on Tuesday. “Now my body is bleeding in unbearable pain. Baby, am I in a nightmare. This is unbearable. Baby, hold my hand, reach me. Baby, I’m stuck in this nightmare. Lead the way out.”

Wang, 15, was last seen during the shooting holding a door open for his fellow students and teachers as they fled gunman Niklas Cruz, who was firing off rounds from his AR-15 in the halls of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Praised as a hero for helping others to safety, the boy was buried in uniform with an Army Medal of Heroism along with two other JROTC cadets who were killed in the tragedy and will be laid to rest on Saturday.

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“He gave his life so others can live,” Wang’s marksmanship instructor Ryan Marshall recalled. “He showed valor and courage beyond measure. Never forget his actions that day he is truly a hero.”

Wang’s family was also presented with a second medal as a keepsake, according to the Army. Meanwhile, a dozen veterans stood vigil outside of his funeral, holding United States flags as mourners entered for the service. Fulfilling his dream to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point, the academy will reportedly grant Wang posthumous admission and his family honorarium tokens, calling it “an appropriate way for USMA to honor this brave young man.”

“One of USMA’s priorities is to develop leaders of character who are committed to the values of Duty, Honor & Country,” the school tweeted. “Peter Wang’s actions on February 14 are an example of those principles & the academy honors his dream of being a West Point cadet with a 2025 letter of acceptance.”

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