Mom was watching her baby monitor when she discovered something terrifying

LACEY, Wash. — A Washington mother said she heard another woman’s voice coming from her son’s baby monitor when he was taking a nap over the weekend.

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“For months, my son was telling his family that the ‘telephone’ was telling him to stay in bed,” the mother wrote to KIRO-TV.

KIRO-TV’s Kevin McCarty talked to the family, whose identity is withheld for safety concerns.

The mother said everything came to a head on Sunday when she heard nosies in his room during his nap. At first she thought it was from people being loud outside, but a few hours later she heard it again and went to look at the camera.

She said when she walked into the room, she heard another woman’s voice saying, “Oh, watch this one, she’s coming in again.” She said she then saw the camera moving around.

As with most Internet-capable devices, using a strong password and changing it frequently is recommended to prevent an electronic invasion of privacy via a baby monitor.

Experts say baby monitor hacking is a growing crime. Earlier in April in Minnesota, a family discovered their device was hack and images of their baby was posted online.

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