During a Tuesday morning chat with MSNBC, Rick Tyler, a former spokesman for Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas.), got grim when discussing President Donald Trump’s latest poll numbers.

A new CNN poll falls in line with others around the country that indicate that President Trump’s approval rating has hit an all time low. The CNN poll cited on “Morning Joe” indicated that Trump’s approval rating is hovering somewhere around 36 percent of the population, compared to almost 60 percent that disapprove of him.

“Joe, if I were a political consultant looking at a candidate who had these kind of numbers, I’d have him on 24-hour suicide watch,” Tyler explained to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

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“These numbers are not good. They don’t look recoverable. The administration and the vice president can complain about the New York Times story, but we wouldn’t have this story if the president’s polls numbers were in the mid 50s, high 50s or low 60s.”

Tyler has become one of Trump’s fiercest critics throughout his presidency. A recent tweet at the president ridiculed him for taking a 17 day vacation.

“Even though it’s August, we understand that you are working hard and not taking a vacation, but could we still have one?”

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MSNBC guest suggests that someone with Trump’s poll numbers should be on “suicide watch” AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
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