Naked, wandering boy covered in feces leads police to “one of the most horrifying houses”

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A little boy wandering the streets naked and covered in feces led Oklahoma police to absolutely deplorable living conditions.

A woman first spotted the 3-year-old child walking across a Sonic Drive-In to a convenience store all alone and called the police. By the time they arrived, the boy’s mother, Kimberly Dye, had picked him up. However, authorities found him outside by himself later that day, this time without any pants, underwear or shoes. His legs and shirt were covered in feces, bruises and scratches.

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When they returned the boy to his home, they stumbled upon what Norman Police spokeswoman Sarah Jensen called “one of the most horrifying houses that they’ve walked into, just due to the condition.” Dye appeared to be unaware that her son had been missing, telling them, “No. He was just in here.”

Jensen said the smell coming from the apartment was “difficult to handle.” Human and animal feces covered the floors, rotting food sat in the kitchen and cockroaches and other insects were everywhere. Dye was charged with neglect, and a warrant is out for her arrest. Her son was taken into protective custody while the Department of Human Services determines what’s best for him.

“It was a difficult scene for our officers to walk into, so it was very hard for them that a child and another individual were actually living there,” Jensen said.

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