The New York Daily News was criticized on Sunday night and Monday morning for publishing a front page that many readers felt was insensitive.

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The paper’s headline read “Killed On Facebook” and featured a photo of 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. moments before he was shot and killed by Steve Stephens. Stephens posted a video of the murder to his Facebook page and is currently the subject of a multi-state manhunt.

Many people felt that the photo of Godwin Sr. was inappropriate and insulting to his family.

“Very disrespectful of the Daily News to show an image of the victim being murdered. Absolutely disgraceful to the victim’s family,” Facebook user Renee Mauriello-Albertelli wrote.

“This is wrong to show the death of Mr Godwin on the front page of your magazine! The family doesn’t need this! Can you all re-do this??!!” K Nicole Everett added.

The New York Daily News has often posted covers that people found to be inappropriate. In 2016, the paper received flack for showing a photo of shooting victim Alton Sterling on the front page.

Newspaper gets ripped for posting photo of the man who died at the hands of Facebook killer Steve Stephens ProphetDebbie D Godwin/Facebook/Screenshot
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