Oakville High School Fight SnapChat

A vice principal at Oakville High School in suburban St. Louis attempted to get in between two students who were trying to fight each other and de-escalate the situation, in the hope that cooler heads would prevail and that they would reconsider using violence as a form of conflict resolution but instead he just got punched in the face a lot. And it was all caught on video. The outcome was not ideal.

Identified as Mr. Brenden in a SnapChat of the incident, the vice principal was punched and then pulled to the ground, where he was kicked and beaten.

Other school administrators and the school resource officer were able to intervene and break up the fight, and no one was injured in the incident. Because the students are all minors no charges will be filed but the case is being turned over to the St. Louis County Family Court. The students are likely going to be expelled.

Not to victim blame here… but here goes. Clearly, this vice principal wasn’t feared enough. A school administrator whose job is discipline and student control needs an aura of menace about them. They need to spread rumors about some messed up stuff they did when they served in Vietnam or the War on Terror. Like, “Yo did you hear that when Mr. Brendan was in Iraq he stuck a grenade in a terrorist’s mouth and then left him out the desert?” Or if they didn’t serve, let gossip circulate that in 2004 the school district made you take a year off to undergo extensive anger management treatment after an incident no one will talk about to this day.

You have to be a bear that no one wants to poke. Mr. Friendly Vice Principal gets an algebra textbook to the dome. Mr. Vaguely Violent Past Vice Principal is treated with deference and respect. Awe, even. Or just be outwardly nuts and aggressive. That works too. High schools aren’t prisons, sure, but they’re not not prisons either.


That’s how it’s done, Brendan.

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