Michigan is a strange place, and a picture that’s making rounds on the internet shows one of the wildest sights any motorist might see. On Tuesday, Facebook user Polly Misner, or Polly Em as she’s known on Facebook, uploaded a picture of roadkill with a yellow stripe streaking across the flattened animal.

The animal turned out to be a dead opossum with its innards spilling out. In a conversation with Michigan Live, Misner explained “At first I thought ‘really?’ I have seen memes about it. But then I thought, the paint trucks are already holding up traffic, why couldn’t they stop and scrap it off the road? It might take 15 seconds.”

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She says she was driving 55 miles per hour down the highway and she saw the animal from a distance. At first, Polly thought it was funny but when she got closer, she says “I was a little disappointed that it looks gross and could have been avoided.”

And this isn’t the only such occurrence. Another Michigander uploaded an image of his encounter with colorful roadkill.

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