Ohio homeowners opened up their freezer to find the nightmarish cause of a “terrible smell” L: WFMJ/Facebook R: Youngstown Police Department

U.S. Marshals served arrest warrants on two people after a body was found stuffed inside a padlocked freezer in Campbell, Ohio.

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WFMJ reports that Arturo Novoa, 31, and Katrina Layton, 34, were taken into custody over the weekend. Novoa was arrested at his place of work, a restaurant kitchen. Layton was arrested the next day. Both face charges of abuse of a corpse; Layton faces an additional charge of obstruction of justice.

Youngstown Police are still investigating, but they believe the woman died in Youngstown, not Campbell.

At this point it’s unclear whether the body is at all connected to the missing person case of Shannon Graves, a 28-year-old Youngstown woman who vanished in February of this year. Graves’ sister says she was dating Novoa, one of the suspects, when she disappeared.

Youngstown Police Department

The Campbell homeowners who took the freezer into their possession say they have been friends with Novoa for five years and are “shocked.” The freezer was moved from a location in Youngstown, an adjacent Ohio city, to their home.

Youngstown Police Department

After removing the padlock, the homeowners say “a terrible smell” came from the freezer.

They called police.

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