One county sheriff’s office had a sarcastic warning for everyone preparing for Irma L: Facebook/Oconee County Sheriff's Office R: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

A Georgia county sheriff’s office has given an unusual warning about the remnants of Hurricane Irma, which will impact the state next week. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has declared a state of emergency for every county in the state ahead of the storm.

And the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office’s warning is going viral for its blunt, sarcastic nature.

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“[P]lease be prepared to be without electricity for a few days due to high winds and trees taking out utility lines. You might even lose your internet connection, which probably scares you more than being without TV or air conditioning,” it begins.

After some necessary warnings about wind and supplies, the post veers into “the stupid factor” with the force of a hurricane wind.

“Try to avoid the stupid factor. Stupid makes more work for us, EMTs and ER personnel. In fact, stupid is the reason most of us have jobs,” the statement says. “If you have stupid friends, avoid them until the power comes back on. If YOU are the stupid one, then please sit this one out and wait til an ice storm to come along before you demonstrate your capabilities.”

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