Parents of five children are counting their blessings today after high winds and an inflatable “bounce house” almost got them killed yesterday. Two children remain hospitalized at this time, according to Springwell Church, the organization who rented two of the play structures for their annual Spring Carnival.

The church on Wade Hampton Boulevard in Taylors, S.C., issued a statement on Facebook yesterday after the event, confirming that five children had been hospitalized after “an unexpected wind gust, out of our control, lifted an inflatable amusement that was on our campus for the event.” Stunning video shot by an onlooker appears to show one of the structures flying into Wade Hampton Boulevard, a major transportation artery for the area.

The South Carolina church updated their statement today, writing: “Two children remain hospitalized, in stable condition, for the treatment of injuries sustained in yesterday’s accident. Our pastoral staff and church have been praying and continue to pray for all involved.”

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One of the two structures that got loose drifted into power lines owned by Duke Energy, causing an outage for about 1000 people. Crews immediately got to work to restore power, according to Fox Carolina.

At least one child had been hospitalized with a concussion and broken bones, according to a statement from a witness who told Fox Carolina she wished to remain anonymous. She wrote:

Things happen Everyday that NO ONE can Explain. My Mom, My Husband and I watched this happen right in front of us. It was Terrifying. It Broke my heart knowing those kids could have died. With God watching over them the 5 kids that where Injured didn’t Die, 1 I know had broken bones and a concussion. The Whole event could have been worse.

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