Yes, it’s another installment of People Are Bad On The Internet, but it’s got some happy endings.

About a week ago, insurance giant State Farm ran an ad as part of a campaign to get newlyweds to insure their wedding rings, as many people get married around the holidays.

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Just fine, right? Not quite.

A number of people took offense to the image, which featured a mixed-race couple. Almost all of them did so from behind anonymous screen names.

Most of the tweets are too explicit to reproduce here. Many referred to interracial marriage as a form of pollution, and inferred that the man proposing would soon desert his fiancée because of the color of his skin. Others claimed that the image was supportive of genocide of the white race, a narrative popular in alt-right and white supremacist circles.

At the same time, many on Twitter also responded in a heartwarming way, sharing photos and messages about their own interracial families or support for the couple depicted in the advertisement. Statements in support came largely from men and women using real names.

The number of comments and replies to the tweet are growing by day, but State Farm has not commented or removed the post.

People are losing their minds over an ad’s depiction of a marriage proposal Twitter/@StateFarm
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