People headed to Neil Gorsuch’s Wikipedia page tonight got a real shock Wikipedia/Neil Gorsuch

As soon as they learned the name of Donald Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court, many Americans went to Wikipedia to read about Neil Gorsuch, his past experience, and his positions. Wikipedia, the internet’s encyclopedia, is accessible for anyone to edit at any time.

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That ended predictably.


Just as traffic spiked, someone went into Gorsuch’s page to edit it. They named him “Neil ‘Taze the Gays’ Gorsuch.” (Gorsuch has never, as far as we can tell, advocated for anyone’s electrocution, nor conversion therapy; LGBT rights group Human Rights Campaign makes no mention of it in their statement opposing him.)

The phantom editor also rewrote his bio to call him a “homophobe” and noted that his confirmation was “set to fail according to both republicans and democrats. he is not going to get confirmed since he was nominated by trump [sic].”


As of press time, Wikipedia had revised the page to its original version.

Patrick is a content editor for Rare.
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