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The holidays always prove to be a stressful time of the year, especially if you have to travel. Thankfully the people over at Popeye’s know how incredibly stress-inducing flying can be when you are trying to lug around an overpacked suitcase that should definitely have been checked. While swearing at the fact that you got the middle seat (again), the chicken restaurant has something to help you keep your cool: an “Emotional Support Chicken.”

Travelers catching their flights out of Philadelphia International Airport can purchase a fried chicken meal with an “Emotional Support Chicken” carrier at the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen in Terminal C. The company wanted to add a good hearted-laugh to the stress of the holiday season with their chicken totes.

“We know holiday travel can be frustrating, and there’s no better way to ease stress than with a box of delicious POPEYES® fried chicken and a good laugh,” said Hope Diaz, CMO of POPEYES® Louisiana Kitchen. “We appreciate how comforting emotional support animals are and wanted to create our own version. The good news is that our emotional support chicken is permitted to fly without any restrictions – one less worry for busy travelers!”

However, PETA isn’t too thrilled with the emotional support chicken’ carrier. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has come forward stating that the company is making fun of people with mental illness and “animals who died gruesome deaths.”

The group posted a photo of a dying chicken with sad eyes with the text:

“This chicken needs emotional support. She had no comfort or nourishment during her incredibly stressful life. Like all Popeyes chickens, she was abused and killed and constantly restricted – never able to roam or fly, Popeyes is responsible for the slaughter of millions of chickens per year.”


The Popeye’s support chicken will be available while supplies last.

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