According to British entertainer Piers Morgan, American citizens have not given his friend, President Donald Trump, a fair chance since his election.

Morgan joined Fox News host Tucker Carlson to discuss how the country has fared since the election and Trump’s oath of office. Morgan explained to Carlson that it was easy to see why Trump won.

“Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate who offered nothing new, nothing fresh,” Morgan explained.

He then gave some advice to Trump’s detractors: “If you want to try and beat Donald Trump, then do it democratically. Stop trying to de-legitimize him. Stop trying to make every tweet, every statement, every comment that he makes the Armageddon of the world.”

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Morgan pointed his proverbial finger at the media for being at “war” with the White House.

“You have a war between the media and the White House, the likes of which I’ve never seen before,” he told Carlson. “It’s pretty dangerous all around.”

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