Pizza delivery man “rescues” stranded Amtrak passengers Twitter/@MitchKatz

It was Mother’s Day at Dom’s New York Style Pizzeria in Wilmington, Delaware. The phone rang around dinnertime, according to the Washington Post.

And they had a special request: deliver pizzas to a passenger train.

Turns out Amtrak Northeast Regional train 161 had been sitting on the tracks in the Wilmington area for some time. Passengers were getting hungry – and one suggested they order pizzas.

Dom’s was game.

They entrusted the order to Jim Leary, who has been delivering pizzas for 18 years. The Washington Post contacted Leary, who’s 46 and loves his work. He told them he’s delivered pizzas in 28 states during that time, and has no plans to slow down. “I really like going up to a door and a kid is there yelling, ‘Mommy, mommy the pizza man is here,'” he told them.

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Leary drove to an address about a quarter-mile from the pizza place, walked onto the roadbed, crossed some standing water, and called.

We can only hope he was tipped well.

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