Police have identified the Texas father and two young kids who died in a horrific murder-suicide

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An investigation into the deaths of a Texas father and his two young children has uncovered the identities of the victims, all of whom were found dead on Saturday morning.

Police believe Chris Dawson shot and killed his 9-year-old son Luke and 5-year-old daughter Bree before turning the gun on himself. Wife and mother Rachel Dawson called police to the scene early that morning. While she was unharmed, it’s unclear if she was home at the time of the tragedy or simply returned home to find her family deceased.

According to the family’s former neighbor, something always seemed “off” when it came to the father.

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“I met Rachel at a boot camp class and she would bring her kids, Luke and Bree, sometimes,” Ariel Borg said. “He was very, very controlling of Rachel to the extent that after a certain point he no longer allowed her to be friends with us.”

In the wake of the devastation, Borg and other friends of the family are now wondering if there was anything they could have done to prevent it.

“We saw warning signs but I don’t think anyone could have guessed that this would’ve happened. It shocked everyone,” she continued. “It’s hard to know when to step in. I just feel like we should’ve done more.”

Police officers are now working to figure out how and why exactly this heartbreaking tragedy took place, as they have no record to any prior calls to the home. Meanwhile, Borg is hosting a candlelight vigil for the Dawson children on Wednesday, which will be led by the pastor at the church the Dawsons attended when they lived in town.

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