A 29-year-old man reportedly set his parents’ house ablaze in an act of revenge for a decade-old farting prank from his brother.

According to officers, Washington resident Joel Cruz was reminded of his brother farting in his face as a teenager. Alone in his parent’s house, an angry Cruz decided to avenge the insult by reportedly setting a pot of vegetable oil on the stove and leaving the burner on, reported KIMA-TV.

Cruz allegedly left the stove on high before fleeing the home, which caused a massive fire that spread throughout the home. In images of the home, singe marks can be seen throughout the windows.

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Cruz was taken into police custody on Wednesday where he told authorities he had heard voices in his head, before being transported to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Police reportedly attempted to place him in a state hospital, but the 29-year-old was refused for being a danger to himself and others, KIMA-TV reported.

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