The manhunt for Steve Stephens concluded on Tuesday when he led police on a brief chase in Erie, Pa., and took his own life. Stephens was wanted for the death of Robert Godwin, and the murder captured national attention after Stephens posted a video of the homicide on Facebook. The hunt for Stephens began on Easter Sunday, when the video first appeared online and authorities received tips from all over the nation from people who claimed to have seen the fugitive.

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In a press conference on Tuesday, police walked the nation through the search and the final moments of Stephens’ life. Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams stated, “Pennsylvania State Police officers received a tip that the vehicle that we were looking for was in a McDonald’s parking lot.” He explained, “There was a short pursuit in which the vehicle was stopped, as the officers approached that vehicle, Steve Stephens took his own life.”

Williams continued in a lash at social media, saying, “We’ve talked before about people not living their lives on social media […] This is a prime example; this is something that should not have been shared around the world.”

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Cleveland Mayor Frank Johnson expressed his condolences with the family and thanked the community for their help with the investigation.

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