Police thought they had cornered this runaway cow, but she had other ideas Youtube/Associated Press

A Wilson Park, Texas, veterinarian’s office lost track of a cow, as one sometimes does.

Police were summoned to help catch the animal, and while the responding officers were more prepared than, say, the police officers who had to chase down a cow in Queens, they still had to summon riders on horseback to corral the cow and not even that worked.

Before that, police chased the animal in hopes of cornering it with their vehicles. They got very close here, in a playground in Temple, when Ofc. Gabriel Estrella managed to run her into a fenced play area.

But it wasn’t enough. Once she realized she was cornered, the cow turned to the way she came in and charged right for it! Estrella jumped out of the way just in time as the fence slammed open.

The cow is still mooving, per reports. WFMY-2 News says the cow was last seen”around 8:30 p.m. Thursday” heading east outside the city of Temple, Texas.

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