President Trump has held office for less than a month, but Keith Olbermann already has some serious issues


In his latest video for GQ, entertainer Keith Olbermann brought a long list of grievances to his show “The Resistance.”

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Over the last several months, Olbermann has led the internet charge to question President Donald Trump’s actions as president. At times, he has gone so far as to wonder very loudly if Trump should be removed from office.

In Olbermann’s latest, he details what he believes are President Trump’s “Top 50 Impeachable/Insane Acts Since 1/20.”

Among Olbermann’s many grievances included things like Trump’s immigration ban and the claim by his personal physician that he takes a pill to promote hair growth that may have negative side effects.

According to Olbermann, Trump supporters would agree with his stance, if Trump’s flubs were committed by someone else.

“In an other context, business or country, Trump’s supporters would now be organizing his removal from authority, even if it were only for his own good,” Olbermann said.

“Get. Him. Out. Of. Here. […] Resist.”

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