Kindergarten Principle Fired For Pole Dancing During Welcome Ceremony VT

A kindergarten principal in China has been fired after she welcomed students back to school with a pole dancing display. Parents and children at the Xinshahui Kindergarten in Shenzhen were shocked as the kindergarten principal performed a routine on the flagpole, located out in a large courtyard. Several parents recorded the incident, where you can see the pole, the Chinese flag, and a woman spinning around. The videos are now going viral on social media.

Principal Lai Rong stated there had been 500 children aged 3-6-year-old and 100 parents in attendance. The event is part of a ceremony commemorating the start of a new school year in China, which is the first Monday in September. Each year, the school, located in the southern province of Guangdong, holds a special ceremony to welcome the students and their families, and invite alumni or the principal to give motivational speeches.

Parents are threatening to take their children out of the school after this isn’t the first time an ‘inappropriate’ incident occurs throughout the year. Last year, according to Shenzhen-based journalist Michael Standaert, the school had 10 days of military ‘activities’ and displays of machine gun and mortar at the door. The dance was the final straw for Standaert, saying he is now planning to take his children out of the school. The writer stated when his wife called the principal to complain about her actions, she hung up after saying it was “good exercise”.

In a statement, the local education bureau stated an investigation had found a pole dancing business had been invited into the kindergarten to perform. The statement added that the district believes the actions were not appropriate and the school has been asked to apologize to the student and the parents. The school now has a new principal.

Well, this is certainly a way to welcome back students.

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