Prosecutors decide fate of former cheerleading coach behind painful forced splits video

NBC9 video screenshot -- Police are investigating Denver East High School's cheerleading squad after video surfaced of them forcing new members to do painful splits that they couldn't manage.

No charges will be brought against the coach of the Denver, Colo., high school cheerleading team whose members were shown on video forcing each other into painful splits.

A viral video surfaced in August of cheerleaders at Denver’s East High School screaming out in pain as their teammates forced them into painful splits, all under the supervision of their coach, Ozell Williams. One mother believed that the splits led to her daughter’s leg injury and said that the only way the girls were allowed to opt-out was with a doctor’s note.

The disturbing videos were taken on a cellphone and sent anonymously to News9, a local news station. The videos led to an investigation and Williams’ termination back in August. Another coach, two school principals and the Denver Public Schools deputy general counsel were also placed on leave after the story broke.

Prosecutors argued that while the behavior in the videos was unacceptable, Williams did not commit a criminal act. For his part, Williams has argued that the incident in the video has been taken out of context.

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