Rosie O’Donnell asked if Barron Trump was autistic and now his fans are furious (AP Photo/Starpix, Kristina Bumphrey)

Longtime advocate for autism awareness Rosie O’Donnell asked on Twitter this week if Barron Trump, son of President-elect Donald Trump was autistic.

“Barron Trump Autistic? if so – what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the AUTISM epidemic,” O’Donnell said to her followers.

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Over the last decade, O’Donnell and Trump’s father have had a very public feud that was even brought to the presidential debate stage.

During the first presidential debate, Trump made inflammatory comments about Rosie.

Nearly as soon as she sent out her Barron thought, the Internet reared its ugly head as many expressed sympathy for Barron, who has had his life completely upended.

“Autistic or not, the kid is not deserving of any of the bullshit that’s being said about him. America has become a fiasco,” one fan wrote.

Others felt that Rosie should respect the personal privacy of, and not speculate about a child…even if his father is the president-elect.

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