School officials banned all flags on cars, and some patriotic students didn’t listen


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Videos by Rare

A Minnesota high school disappointed students and parents recently when they implemented an all encompassing ban on flags being flown from student’s cars. The ban follows a national debate on whether displaying the Confederate flag is appropriate.

In a form of silent protest, students and parents disobeyed the school’s rule on flags by flying the American flag from their vehicles.

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“Either all flags can be displayed and flown, or none of the flags can be accepted,” officials at Rocori High School said in a statement to the press. “While the Rocori School District preference would be to have respectful, appropriate and positive displays, the fact that this was not the outcome in the spring resulted in the action to limit the displays.”

By the end of school on Wednesday, school leaders had reached a compromise with senior student Cole Staneart, who organized the protest.

Staeneart explained to the Minneapolis Star Tribune that students will be able to fly the American flag going forward and that he will help the school find people who try to display the Confederate flag.

“If I see students [flying] a Confederate flag, I’ll ask them to take it down,” he told the paper. “It’s not appropriate.”

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