Senator Bob Menendez held a tearful press conference after his bribery trial ended in a mistrial

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After a deadlocked jury failed to agree on a verdict in Senator Bob Menendez’s bribery trial, he held back tears during an emotional press conference while he addressed the outcome of the case.

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“To those who left me, who abandoned me, in my darkest moment, I forgive you,” he said. “To those who embraced me in my darkest moment, I love you.”

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The senator then went on to thank to the people of his state who supported him during the scandal and made a promise to those who didn’t. He also gave surprising praise to some of the media who reported on the case.

“To those new Jerseyans, who gave me the benefit of the doubt, I thank you. To those who have a doubt, I’m going to work harder than ever before, so that there is no doubt,” he said. “To those in the press, who did their job and did it with professionalism, and even to some of you who are actually kind, … I believe you showed others what a professional press is all about.”

With the trial in it’s 11th week, jurors were unable to reach a unanimous decision on any of the 18 counts in the indictment against Menendez and a wealthy friend. Even after continually reviewing the evidence, they remained deadlocked by Thursday.

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Menendez and Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgen were charged with running a bribery scheme between 2006 and 2013, in which Menendez traded his political influence for luxury vacations and flights on the doctor’s private plane.

Prosecutors could refile charges against Menendez, but it is unclear if they will choose to do so.

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