If this Seth MacFarlane joke from 2013 is anything to go by, the actions of big-shot Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein were an open secret in the film industry.

MacFarlane made the quip during the 2012 Oscar Nominations announcement, with Emma Stone co-presenting.

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After reading the names of the five female actors in the Supporting Actress category — Sally Field for “Lincoln,” Anne Hathaway for “Les Miserables,” Jacki Weaver for “Silver Linings Playbook,” Helen Hunt for “The Sessions” and Amy Adams for “The Master” — MacFarlane said: “Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.”

The audience of reporters and industry insiders chuckled at what probably seemed just like a harmless, awkward joke at the time. But in the face of the many recent allegations against Weinstein of sexual harassment, assault and rape, the joke takes on a whole new meaning and raises a bunch of questions. Was Weinstein’s behavior an open secret in Hollywood?

UPDATE: Seth MacFarlane sent out this Tweet in response to his 2013 joke resurfacing.

It wasn’t the first (or last) time that a joke about Weinstein’s misconduct had been made prior to the recent revelations. Check out this clip from Tina Fey’s “30 Rock.”

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