Family Wrestled Young Boy Away from Sex Offender Trying to Kidnap Him on Playground

Things got scary fast on a playground in Lake Elsinore, California when a registered sex offender attempted to forcibly kidnap a 3-year-old boy and then a 4-year-old boy in broad daylight before being stopped and subdued by bystanders and the families of the boys.

Local authorities say that around 11:30 in the morning, 29-year-old registered sex offender Marcus Dewitt attempted to grab a 3-year-old boy by the arm while he was inside of playground equipment at Rosetta Canyon Sports Park. Dewitt was not able to pull the boy away, however, and then turned his attention to a nearby 4-year-old boy, whom he was successfully able to grab and attempt to flee with.

Fortunately, the boy’s family saw what was happening and were immediately able to wrestle the boy away from the kidnapper. Dewitt then tried to flee but was not able to get away likely because, at the risk of editorializing, he’s a dumb fat lump of shit who was probably held back by a hand reaching up from hell to rip his soul out of his ass and down into the lake of fire where it belongs. Though (some of) that can’t be proven at this time what is known for sure is that Dewitt’s flight from extremely deserved justice was short-lived because the boy’s family tackled him and held him down until police arrived.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said that neither child was injured in the incident and that Dewitt has been booked on kidnapping charges.

Originally published March 12, 2019.

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