She donned latex before wearing an officer’s uniform — now her past has cost her a job


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The past of a former New Jersey sheriff’s officer has harmed her career.

Kristen Hyman, 30, worked with the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office until her fate was solidified at a hearing on Wednesday, reports CBS New York. Hyman was officially fired, a decision with which Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari said he agreed.

Hyman was previously suspended just before her graduation from the police academy, according to The Jersey Journal. She was made to spend six days at home without pay. The suspension was lifted by a judge and Hyman was allowed to graduate.

She was sworn in despite opposition from the sheriff’s office — they reportedly dropped their opposition hours before the ceremony. Hyman was placed on administrative leave only months after. Her only hope of returning would have been a ruling in her favor.

The official reason was for the omission of her past work, though it was acknowledged that being truthful might have removed her from consideration.

“I’m not embarrassed because I can own up to things I’ve done in the past,” she told the New York Post in an interview last year.

Hyman had already told investigators that she was fully clothed and did not engage in sexual intercourse. She also didn’t use her name and was instead identified by “Domina Nyx Blake.”

She added that the gig “was exactly like WWE wrest­ling. I had a constructed narrative. A constructed character. Anything you read involving ‘Domina Nyx Blake, the Greek Goddess of the Night,’ is creative writing.”

Her past career wasn’t for pleasure, it was so that she could continue to pay her rent.

“I don’t know what it has to do with me doing the job,” she said at the time.

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