A New Hampshire couple learned the hard way to check for beachfront weddings before going skinny dipping after they were arrested for ditching their clothes and jumping in the ocean in Massachusetts while a wedding was being held nearby.

“I didn’t know that building was a restaurant. I just thought it was a pier, and I thought, ‘Oh, here’s a spot where we can hide and take our clothes off,'” Zachary Tomko, 29, said after police officers found him and Holly O’Neil, 20, naked on the beach in full view of both beachgoers and wedding guests at the nearby restaurant. “Come to find out the cops said, ‘Yup, there’s a restaurant right here, and there’s a wedding going on,’ I said, ‘Oh.'”

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While less-than-enthused wedding guests appear to have tipped off authorities, the bride Leah Allen laughed off the incident, saying the skinny dippers’ stunt “made for a really interesting wedding day.”

“We get to the ocean, like, ‘Alright, if we do it fast, nobody will notice.’ Turns out, everybody noticed,” Tomko continued before adding, “I’m glad I made her night, hope it was a special night and glad it gave her a good memory.”

Both Tomko and O’Neil were charged with disorderly conduct. They both pleaded guilty on Wednesday and paid around $275 in court fines.

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