Snorkeler Attacked By Alligator At Alexander Springs In Florida

The Alexander Spring in central Florida has been closed due to an attack on unsuspecting snorkeler.

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It was just about lunch time when the victim was enjoying a peaceful swim in the Floridian spring. The spring, which is located in the Ocala National Forest, has had some run-ins with alligators, however the latest incidents have become increasingly aggressive.

While taking in the cool water on the very warm day, the swimmer must have appeared to be a delicious meal to a nearby, rowdy gator. The man was snorkeling in a designated swimming area, doing nothing illegal. The alligator managed to sneak into the area unnoticed while the man was swimming unaware.

Snorkeler Attacked By Alligator At Alexander Springs In Florida

The next thing he knew, a seven and a half foot gator chomped at him, getting a bite of the man. According to CBS, employees at the park were able to give the man first aid after he bolted out of the water. Shortly after, he was taken to the hospital to treat several lacerations. He also made sure to report being bitten by an adult alligator in a supposedly ‘safe’ swimming area.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission removed the gator and the recreation area plans to reopen soon. The Conservation Commission shared: “Every body of water has a potential to have an alligator, especially the springs. I mean, that’s kind of a misconception that just because the water’s cooler, they won’t be in there.” They also noted that summer months are typically when gators are more active.

Despite the attack happening in broad daylight, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission also warned that alligators are even more active early in the morning and late at night, and to avoid those times specifically. To be clear they finished with: “And obviously, if you encounter an alligator in the wild, we strongly discourage people to approach them.”

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