Some are wondering if Hope Hicks “upstaged” Melania Trump with her bold fashion choice

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People could not get over longtime President Trump aide and White House Communications Director Hope Hicks’ style during Trump’s foreign policy trip to Asia. So much so that one publication accused her of “upstaging” First Lady Melania Trump.

Members of the Trump administration joined the president on a two-week foreign policy trip throughout Asia, starting in Japan. The president golfed with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe while the first lady spent time with Japanese First Lady Akie Abe visiting children at a school.

At one part of the trip, the Trumps attended a state dinner host by Abe at Akasaka Palace. There, many complimented the first lady’s stunning red gown. But the compliments soon turned into comparisons as Hicks went with her own stunning choice… a tuxedo.

“The ever-glamorous Melania Trump was faced with some serious competition in the style stakes on Monday in the form of her husband’s 29-year-old communications director Hope Hicks,” the Daily Mail wrote, after saying Hicks “upstaged” Trump at the dinner.

Others were simply stunned by Hicks.

CNN’s Kate Bennett tweeted, “ok so hope hicks wore a tux last night to the dinner in Japan and I’m dead thx bye.”

“Black tux with the silk bow tie to boot. Respect,” complimented Chet Cannon.

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The New York Post notes that more women are embracing tuxes and pantsuits over gowns as the choice of style for formal events.

Hicks was initially appointed to serve as interim White House Communications Director in August, replacing Anthony Scaramucci who was removed after only 10 days following a profane interview about his White House colleagues. She is the youngest person to hold the position.

According to Business Insider, Hicks has not had any political experience prior to the appointment. Instead, the Greenwich, Conn. native worked in public relations for the Trump family since First Daughter Ivanka hired her full-time in 2014. It is said that Hicks is one of the few able to navigate his moods and ensure he produces work. She is even rumored to have posted some of his tweets on the campaign.

Nearly a week before the trip to Japan, it was announced that special counsel Robert Mueller scheduled a meeting with Hicks as a part of his probe into possible collusion between the Trump administration and the Russian government.

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