University of Alabama sorority girl Harley Barber is in a world of trouble after posting virulently racist videos to her Instagram account. Already, she has sparked an investigation at the school and been thrown out of her sorority. Unsurprisingly, the campus community is infuriated by the clip.

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In the first recording, Barber stands in front of a sink and says “we don’t waste water because of people in Syria — I love how I act like I love black people because I f**king hate n*****s.” During the second video, Barber identifies herself as a member of Alphi Phi, saying “I’ve wanted to be in Alpha Phi since I f**king was in high school … and now someone wants to say I’m offensive because I said n*****?” She goes on to repeat the word several times before saying “I’m in the south now bitch … I’m from New Jersey, so I can say n***** as much as I want.”

Barber has since taken her Instagram page down, but one Twitter user posted screenshots of her profile before she hid the content.

A number of people have directed their anger at Barber’s sorority, Alpha Phi, and the group has announced that Barber is no longer a member.

A spokesperson for the University of Alabama told “these remarks are ignorant and disturbing and in no way reflect the values of the University of Alabama.” he also said that the incident was reported to the Office of Student Conduct.

Some of Barber’s former sorority sisters have also come out against their former colleague. One student wrote “as an Alabama Alpha Phi member, I am mortified and disgusting with Harley Barber and her ignorant remarks. Please know that she is not a representation of our sorority and we do not consider her a sister at all!” Another said that she was “embarrassed and horrified.”

Alabama’s star running back, Damien Harris, tweeted “this girl goes to the same university as me but they say, ‘racism is dead.'”

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