Man Shoots Up Taco Bell Because They Forgot to Give Him Hot Sauce

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An Oklahoma man with a temper as fiery as his taste in tacos is wanted for shooting his gun into a Taco Bell drive-thru window because he was furious that the restaurant’s workers forgot to give the man the hot sauce he requested with his meal.

According to authorities, the triggered hot sauce lover pulled back up to the drive-thru window around 1:30 a.m. Monday morning after checking his meal and finding that there was no hot sauce included with it. He proceeded to berate the employees before ultimately deciding that some harsh words alone might not convey exactly how angry he was about not being given hot sauce, so he proceeded to pull out his gun and fire it through the window.

The terrified Taco Bell employees immediately ran to a bathroom and locked themselves inside. The suspect then entered the restaurant but left before police arrived.

Police are still searching for the man so upset that his diarrhea was only going to be bad instead of horrific that he was willing to kill over it. So if you’re around the Oklahoma City area and see some guy chugging hot sauce straight from the bottle and reacting with so much pleasure it’s like he’s drinking from the Holy Grail, let the police know.

As an aside, if and when this man is caught I’m curious to find out which type of hot sauce the Taco Bell employees forgot to give him. If he was angry enough to shoot at people over Mild or Hot (which is still pretty mild) then this guy is even crazier than he already seems. Those flavors are useless. Getting them is the same as not getting them, basically.

If they forgot to give him some Fire sauce or Diablo sauce, though? I mean, this man needs his spice fix. Shooting up the Taco Bell was definitely not the way to go, but missing those at least makes a difference. He deserves a year or two fewer in jail for that.

This article was originally published on January 2, 2019.

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